Best Prosthetic Crowns

Thinking about prosthetic crowns? There are different types out there. Here’s a little information I hope will help you decide:

One of the crowns I recommend is the Bruxir crown which is the most durable crown on the market today.  I definitely use them for my patients who grind or clench their teeth.  In the anterior smile zone, I like to use a more esthetically pleasing crown.  Here, the IPS emax crown’s translucency and light refracting properties make it lifelike.

If I need to block out underlying dark or stained teeth, I may use a zirconium based monolithic porcelain crown base with stacked and layered porcelain over it.  This crown uses a white base and then more translucent porcelain over top of it.

All gold crowns are another alternative if you need a crown which is softer than enamel (i.e. a crown which will wear down before the natural enamel wears down.).

The conventional porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM) are the old standard.  There are some advantages to these as well.  I find that the odds of removing these crowns without damage (when needed) is higher than an all porcelain crown.  However, this is mainly due to the type of liner used to adhere the crown to the tooth.

Tooth Replacement Options – Filling the Gaps

In short, there are 3 replacement options, starting with a single tooth:

  1. Implant
    1. Custom Abutment/post
    2. Implant Crown
  2. Three tooth fixed stationary bridge
  3. Removable Partial Denture

If your tooth is not replaced, adjacent teeth can drift out of position leading to:

  1. Gum Disease
  2. Cavities
  3. Bite Collapse

Briefly:  Implants have many functions and are placed in phases.  Not Everyone is a candidate for implants.  Phase one is the surgical placement of the titanium implant.  You must be healthy enough and have sufficient bone for the implant, or be healthy enough to have bone added.  Phase two is the healing process.  Sometimes temporary teeth can be placed while the implants heal into the bone.  Phase three is the restoration of the implants with crowns, bridges, or partial dentures.

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