Your Gums On Duty Against Disease

Your gums are like the sentry on guard from a bacterial invasion.  Healthy gums promote general well being and act as a barrier to bacteria. If you’re not taking care of them, a small gum infection can turn into a larger problem.  

Science has recently  linked gum disease with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases and even arthritis. Gum disease by itself is a rather unremarkable disease.  It may start out as bad breath, dry mouth, tender or swollen gums.  It may progress into bleeding gums when you floss and brush.  If not treated, this condition may progress even further into recession, exposed roots, and loose teeth, or drifting teeth – which will ruin your smile.

When not discovered and treated, gum disease can lead to an uncomfortable chain of events.  Once your teeth enter the loose and drifting stage, you are sure to have bone loss. Normally, bone height follows the gum line. The bone likes to stay about 3-4 mm from the gum line, the biological width.  So when the gum gets worn away the bone will try to stay an equal distance away.  Less bone means more tooth  mobility or looseness.  In other words, you will look much older than you are.

The way to defeat this gum disease is early detection and prevention.  It is quite reversible in the early stages.  Exam and cleanings on a regular basis is the key.  Flossing then brushing at least twice daily goes a long way.  Your teeth can last you a lifetime.

My mission is to provide you and your family with the knowledge, skills and tools in a family friendly environment, using the most advanced techniques, to give you that smile you deserve.  

We love your smile!

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